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Committee Guide

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0 - COH Cover Page.doc  
0A - COH Opening.docx  
0B - Opening Statements (rewrite in your own words).doc  
1 - COH Scout Acknowledgement.doc  
2 - COH Tenderfoot Rank.doc  
3 - COH Second Class Rank.doc  
4 - COH First Class Rank.doc  
5 - COH Star Rank.doc  
6 - COH Life Rank.doc  
7 - COH Merit Badge.doc  
8 - COH Troop Neckerchief.doc  
9 COH Special Awards & Announcements.doc  
Attachment 1 Committee Positions.docx  
Attachment 2 Scout Positions of Responsibility.docx  
Attachment 3 Harvest Market Pie Baking Checklist.docx  
Attachment 4 Harvest Market Pie Sale letter.doc  
Attachment 5 Pie Baking sign-up.docx  
Attachment 6 Pie Dough Recipe multiplied.xlsx  
Attachment 7 Harvest Market Pie Booth Box.doc  
Attachment 8 Contribution letter for pie sale.doc  
Troop Committee Manual.doc  
This "Troop 627 Parent Guide" is intended to act as an introduction to Scouting in Troop 627 and to give Scouts and Parents a better understanding about how Troop 627 works. Please take the time to read over this handbook, and contact the Scoutmaster or one of the other Adult Leaders if you have any questions.
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Troop 627 Parent Guide.pdf Revised April 2012