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Q: How does my Cub Scout go from one rank to the next?
A: Cub Scouts complete most of the activities for advancement to the next rank by attending den meetings with other boys their age.  The Den Leader selects and plans group activities from those listed in your rank's Handbook.  The requirements for each rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) are listed in each Handbook.  Some of the activities are completed through a small amount of work at home.  You as the parent "sign off" on each activity and this is verified by your Den Leader.  The Den Leader submits these records to our Pack leadership.

Q: When will my Cub Scout advance to the next level?
A: Cub Scouts stay in their den until the end of the school year, even if all requirements for advancement to the next rank are met earlier.  You will receive the next highest rank's Handbook as a gift at the final Pack Meeting of the year, referred to as "Crossover."

Q: What about "merit badges?"
A: In Cub Scouting, there are no "merit badges," instead, we have Beltloops, Achievements, and Arrow Points.  Upon completion of the Beltloop requirements (many of which we do as a Pack or you'll complete with your Den), the Cub Scout receives his award at a Pack Meeting.  In Webelos I and II, the Scouts earn Activity Badges, which are colorful metal emblems you pin on the front of your Webelos cap, or to the Webelos "colors," which are the gold, green, and red ribbons you may decide to wear on your right sleeve.  Arrow Points are awarded for completion of several Achievements for advancement in ranks.

Q: What is the order of advancement?
A: Boys start in Tiger, then advance through to Wolf, Bear, Webelos I and finally Webelos II.  By the time a boy has completed the requirements for Webelos II, he will be eligible to "cross over" into Boy Scouting.

Q: What Boy Scout troop is associated with Cub Scout Pack 3239?

A: Many of our Cub Scouts cross over into Boy Scout Troop 31 in Marne (chartered out of St. Mary's Church).  However, a new Boy Scout may choose any pack and you are, in fact, encouraged to attend other area Boy Scout pack meetings to see which pack you feel is the best fit.  A "good" Boy Scout troop will be led by the boys mostly, with the adults mainly serving as chaperones and stepping in only when necessary.  To find a nearby Cub or Boy Scout troop, search online at

Q: What are the "Compass Points Emblem" and "Arrow of Light"?
A: These are advancements in the Webelos badge.  First, a Scout works towards earning his Webelos badge.  After completing that and four additional activity badges, he may earn his Compass Points Emblem.  After that, if he completes a total of eight activity badges, he is eligible for the Arrow of Light Award, the highest rank in Cub Scouting.