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What do Boy Scouts earn?

The experience of Scouting is NOT all about earning badges, ranks, or attaining Eagle Scout. Boys will be challenged, gain a respect for one another and the outdoors, learn to trust, to plan, and to grow as young men. Along the way, they will have the time of their lives and form lifelong friendships.

As they grow in Scouting, it is important to recognize their achievements and provide goals. And - to be honest - for many kids, they DO LOVE getting that recognition and "atta boy!" for a job well done!

Here are just a few of the ranks, badges, and awards that Boy Scouts can earn:

All things related to ranks and advancements (click)

Ranks: Great intro to the first three (early) ranks in Scouting:

With over 130 badges, there are sure to be some that will spark a boy's interest. He may even learn about a potential career path - and he will definitely become a well-rounded young man if he tries his hand at at least the 21 required badges on his journey to Eagle!